Carsen is a director, sound designer, and Brooklyn based Chicagoan. She is a sucker for ensemble-driven, devised work, and intrigued by morality in America and its history. She strongly believes in non-hierarchical methods of collaboration and hopes to destroy the barrier between tradition and radical change both on and offstage. A staunch supporter of trash, glitter, and pop music, Carsen embraces stylized theatricality as a means of entertainment, conversation, and dissidence. 

She is the co-artistic director of Rat Queen Theatre Company. Currently a teaching artist with Wingspan Arts, the 19/20 Wingspace Theatrical Design Directing Mentee, and a member of the 2019-2020 SDCF Observership Class. Carsen is a member of the National Alliance of Musical Theatre's 2018 Directing Observership Class and a 2018 -2019 resident artist at Access Theatre. Carsen was the resident sound designer for Exquisite Corpse Company from 2016-2018. She was a literary intern for the LARK Play Development Center, as well as an education intern at New York Theatre Workshop.

Aside from theatre, Carsen likes Halloween, rock candy, radical adaptations of 19th-century novels, and the work of Maira Kalman.