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Carsen is a multi-disciplinary storyteller with experience in directing, sound design, and producing. She is interested in work that uses spectacle, new forms, and grand gestures to break down walls and question assumptions. A staunch supporter of trash, glitter, and dance-pop, Carsen embraces stylized theatricality as a means of entertainment, conversation, and dissidence. 

As a collaborator and leader, she encourages non-hierarchical thinking and establishes generative, ensemble-driven rehearsal practices. 

Much of her work lives at the intersection of sound and story; she carries particular enthusiasm for music, podcasts, and new media. 


Carsen is the co-founder of Rat Queen Theatre Company, Clubbed Thumb Directing Fellow, and resident artist with New Light Theater Project. She was a 2020-2022 Roundabout Directors Group member,  Mercury Store Directing Lab member, a 2020 FAIR Assistant Director at Oregon Shakespeare Festival,  and a member of the 2019-2021 SDCF Observership Class. Carsen was the 19/20 Wingspace Theatrical Design Directing Mentee, a National Alliance of Musical Theatre 2018 Directing Observer, and a 2018-2019 resident artist at Access Theatre with Rat Queen. 

Her designs have been heard across theatre, film, and podcasts. Featuring work at Juilliard, Shakespeare and Company, Irish Repertory Theatre, the Australian Centre for Contemporary Art, Weston Theater Company, New York University, Two River Theatre, JACK, MITU580, and more. 

She was a literary intern for the LARK Play Development Center, as well as an education intern at New York Theatre Workshop. 


Carsen likes rock candy, extreme sport/ mountaineering documentaries, graphic novels, Lake Michigan, and Heart. 

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