Carsen is a director, sound designer, and Brooklyn based Chicagoan. As a theatremaker and story-teller, she is interested in both new plays and adaptations. She is a sucker for ensemble-driven, devised work, and intrigued by morality in America. A staunch supporter of trash, glitter, and pop music, Carsen embraces stylized theatricality as a means of entertainment, conversation, and dissidence.  

She is the co - artistic director of Rat Queen Theatre Company. Currently a teaching artist with Wingspan Arts, the 19/20 Wingspace Theatrical Design Directing Mentee, and a member of the 2019-2020 SDCF Observership Class. Carsen is a member of the National Alliance of Musical Theatre's 2018 Directing Observership Class and a 2018 -2019 resident artist at Access Theatre. Carsen was the resident sound designer for Exquisite Corpse Company from 2016-2018. She was a literary intern for the LARK Play Development Center, as well as an education intern at New York Theatre Workshop.

Aside from theatre, Carsen likes mashed potatoes, Halloween, rock candy, 19th-century novels, and fireworks.