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FEAST by Christina Tang, Anna Jastrzembski, and Carsen Joenk

Today’s the day. You’re really doing it. You’re going to leave this place behind for good and you won’t look back. Not once, not ever. But before you go, here’s one last chance to reminisce, eat some breakfast, take a final dip in the river, and leave your mark on a place you never liked very much to begin with.

FEAST. is a hypertext fiction game that takes you on an interactive journey through a strange, near-future landscape as you search for your best friend WHIP. By casting the audience as both player and reader, FEAST. seeks to capture the immediacy of a live theater experience through a sense of autonomous gameplay.

Existing in the world of early-internet aesthetics, the tender days of LiveJournal, chat logs, and instant messenger, the format of FEAST. recalls a sense of nostalgia from our recent digital past.

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