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Director I Designer 

TRAFFIC by Christina Tang 
with Anna Jastrzembski and Carsen Joenk

You're not in traffic, you are traffic. Developed as a hybrid performance and interactive video game, TRAFFIC is your daily commute from hell. It's bumper to bumper with no escape! Buckle in, because we're all in this together, whether you like it or not!

Presented at the Brick as a part of Exponential Festival 

Produced by Sami Pyne and Connor Scully

Featuring Nora Daly, Joe Rivera, and Aylin Ecker 

Videography by Jesse Itskowitz

Sound Design by Eryn Bogen 

Additional writing by friends: é boylan, Theresa Bucheister, Mercy Corredor, Raz Golden, Jesse Itskowitz, David Levitt, and Milo Longenecker

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