TROUT STANLEY by Claudia Dey

Trout Stanley is set in northern British Columbia, on the outskirts of a mining town between Misery Junction and Grizzly Alley. In this inhospitable setting live a pair of sisters, twins who are not identical in any way: Sugar, a complicated, insecure waif who still wears the tracksuit her mother died in ten years prior, and Grace, a rough-and-tumble hellcat who owns the local dump. At the play’s opening, it is their thirtieth birthday, and the TV news has announced the disappearance of a local Scrabble-champ stripper. While Grace is at the dump, housebound Sugar is surprised by a mysterious drifter, one Trout Stanley, foot fetishist and fake cop, who is searching for the lake where his parents drowned.

Trout Stanley
Trout Stanley

Produced by the Melancholy Players

Stage Manager: Kelsey Lappegaard 

Set Design: Thomas Miller & Kate Pincus-Whitney


Costume Design: Leyton Cassidy 

Lighting Design: Kurt Santana


Sound Design: Carsen Joenk

Featuring: Georgie Cohen, Jamison Labov, Jeremiah O'Mahoney, and Zoe Marks-Rowe

Assistant Director: Laura Hawes