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TROUT STANLEY by Claudia Dey

Trout Stanley is set in northern British Columbia, on the outskirts of a mining town between Misery Junction and Grizzly Alley. In this inhospitable setting live a pair of sisters, twins who are not identical in any way: Sugar, a complicated, insecure waif who still wears the tracksuit her mother died in ten years prior, and Grace, a rough-and-tumble hellcat who owns the local dump. At the play’s opening, it is their thirtieth birthday, and the TV news has announced the disappearance of a local Scrabble-champ stripper. While Grace is at the dump, housebound Sugar is surprised by a mysterious drifter, one Trout Stanley, foot fetishist and fake cop, who is searching for the lake where his parents drowned.

Featuring: Georgia Cohen, Jamison Labov, Jeremiah O'Mahoney, and Zoe Marks-Rowe

Produced by the Melancholy Players

Stage Manager: Kelsey Lappegaard 

Set Design: Thomas Miller & Kate Pincus-Whitney


Costume Design: Leyton Cassidy 

Lighting Design: Kurt Santana


Sound Design: Carsen Joenk

Assistant Director: Laura Hawes

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